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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you, for some sick and twisted reason of your own, desire this art at print resolution? Never fear! Just double-click and Hey Presto! there you are. In my own defense, may I just say that I wrote this in the midst of a messy, messy relationship with a man who preferred to “take a step back” just before Valentine’s Day every year. I can only think he was realizing economies on flowers and dinners. He’s gone, and things are much better now. It’s only at times like this that I suspect I might not be quite as happy as I feel.

On the off chance that you’re feeling all valentine-y and red and lacy and chocolatey, check out Creating Motherhood’s blog–they’re being all sweet and friendly and happy in this post. You can just sort of think of us as bread and butter–blogs that honor two different aspects of Valentine’s Day.

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